Who Remembers the 1950s?

City of Whiting Trivia Quiz

by Al Koch
Whiting High School Class of 1958

 1.  What year did Standard Oil begin building the refinery in Whiting?

 2.  The ethnicity of Whiting’s early settlers were of what nationality?

 3.  How much did a Hot Dog Louie hot dog cost when we were in high school?

 4.   Name four Whiting automobile dealers in the 1950s.

 5.  What was the name of the married couple who operated the bowling alley snack shop in the Community Center?

 6.  What month and year was the great Standard oil Fire that destroyed the Hydroformer?

 7.  What did it cost to play a game of snooker at Nick’s?

 8.  Name the five funeral homes in Whiting during the 1950s.

 9.  What year did Madura’s Danceland burn down?

The six-story structure at 119th Street and Indianapolis boulevard was once Whiting’s tallest building.

10.  Name four of the six named streets in Stieglitz Park.

11.  What is the shortest street in Whiting?

12.  List the six Catholic Churches in Whiting during the 1950s.

13.  Name the first business owner in Whiting.

14.  Name the man who ran the front desk at the Community Center.

15.  Name the three teen hangouts in Whiting during the 1950s.

16.  Before one could swim in the Community Pool, they had to undergo what procedure?

17.  Name four of the major drugstores/soda fountains in Whiting during the 1950s.

18. Name four of the major grocery stores in Whiting during the 1950s.

A young Whiting accordion student.

19.  Name four owners of Standard Oil Gas/Filling Stations in Whiting during the 1950s.

20.  Name the six-story building on the southwest corner of 119th and Indianapolis Boulevard.

21.  What is the longest East-West street in the City of Whiting?

22.  What is the longest North-South street in the City of Whiting.?

23.  What were the names of the two five and dime stores in Whiting?

24.  Name two bowling alleys in the City of Whiting.

25.  Name the business where one could learn to play the accordion.

26.  In the 1950s there were 22 churches in WR.  Six of these houses of worship had the word “First” in their name.  What were they?

27.  Name the athletic fields where they played Little League by the Standard Oil Barrel House.

An artist drew this sketch of the Globe Roofing plant before it opened in 1937. Notice the street cars running on White Oak Avenue, in front of the Globe plant.

28.  List any four of Whiting’s neighborhood taverns.

29.  Globe Roofing was located on what major thoroughfare in Whiting?

30.  What was the family name of the Indiana Supply Company?

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