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Life Magazine & Whiting’s Agile Trio

Cheerleading was a sport that was dominated by men in its inception. However, when large numbers of young men went off to fight in World War II, the ladies were given a shot to root on their teams. Whiting, Indiana shared the cheerleading spotlight in 1941, when the nationally published Life Magazine did a story on the “Agile Trio.”

Mary Bercik

Mary Bercik was the State of Indiana’s first female Mayor. In 1957, after her husband William’s passing, she became in charge of her eight children and the 9,655 citizens that lived in the city.

John Wooden

Before he became the Wizard of Westwood at UCLA, John Wooden was the Wizard of the Whiting Ciesar All Americans, one of the first professional basketball leagues in America.

George soltwedel

George Soltwedel’s building became home to many merchants through the years. The Soltwedel Brothers was the place to purchase the best brands of whiskies, shoot a round of pool, buy some jewelry, or even a house.

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Abraham Lincoln Swam Here

Did the Lincoln family used to swim in Wolf Lake? Maybe. Maybe not. The only reason to consider this as a possibility is because of what one family told a local historian over seventy years ago.

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“I can still see him parking his car on Oliver Street and walking into the north door of the Senior High Building. He was as handsome as any movie star -- tall, slender and impeccably dressed.”

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Bert Ingraham

   There’s a lone piece of sheet music over at the WR Historical Society Museum called “Roses Bring Dreams of You,”   published in 1908.  And why is this a museum treasure?  It’s a treasure because the piece was composed by Herbert “Bert” Ingraham, a famous composer from Whiting. 

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An Interview with Whiting’s Nobel Prize Winner

Whiting and Robertsdale have produced doctors, lawyers, engineers, athletes, entertainers, and numerous other talented individuals. But it has produced just one Nobel Prize winner, so far.

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AL ODLIVAK: Whiting's Own Norman Rockwell

You’ve seen his work even if you don’t know his name.  His paintings are at City Hall, the library, the Chamber of Commerce and in private homes.   They cover the history of Whiting from as far back as 1891 to the present.  The artist is Al Odlivak who is virtually “the Norman Rockwell of Whiting.”

What do Jefferson Davis, Winston Churchill’s father, President Grover Cleveland, Jack Johnson and Wyatt Earp have in common?

What could they possibly have in common? The answer: Every one of them spent at least a few minutes in Whiting-Robertsdale.

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Everything you need to know about Whiting's namesake

Bobby Kennedy and Whiting-Robertsdale

Whiting-Robertsdale residents were as stunned as any Americans at Kennedy’s death. He was popular here. In the three-way race in the 1968 primary, Kennedy received 43-percent of the vote in Whiting-Robertsdale

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Not a Warm Whiting Welcome

In 1898, Frank Ward of Freeport, PA walked into Whiting. He probably never forgot the experience, no matter how hard he might have tried. Frank was a pedestrian. That word, “pedestrian,” had a different meaning in the 1800s than it does today.

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One hundred years ago, 589 men from Whiting-Robertsdale uprooted their lives to help their country. America was in a World War, and the people who lived here wanted to help. The men who left to join the military came from all parts of the community, but one group, the Owls Club, stood out. The reason: Of the 100 members of the club, 91 signed up for the fight.

Whiting's First Casualties of World War I

Walter Kleiber and John Santa both died on July 15, 1918. They were the first soldiers from Whiting to die in World War One.

A History of Whiting High School Football Before 1958

The 2018 Whiting Oilers football team has had an amazing year. For Whiting High School fans, though, winning football is a long, proud tradition.