Answers to City of Whiting Trivia Quiz

Swarthout Chevrolet in 1952, on Indianapolis Boulevard at Benedict Place, where the McDonald’s now stands.

 1.  1889

 2.  German

 3.  Fifteen cents

 4.  Hansen Buick – Swarthout Chevrolet – Ciesar’s Chrysler/Plymouth – Schlatter/France Ford – Lake Country Motor Sales, Inc.

 5.  Mr. & Mrs. Thompson

 6.  August 1955

 7.  A penny a minute

Baran Funeral Home before it was expanded and remodeled. You can still see some of the old building in the one which now stands on the same site on 119th Street.

 8.  Baran – Owens – Kosior – Schlater – Spanburg

 9.  July 23, 1967

10.  Grace, Ann, May, Alice, Berry

11.  Kelly Place

12.  Saints Peter and Paul, Sacred Heart, Immaculate Conception, St. Adalberts, St. John the Baptist, St. Mary’s Greek Catholic

13.  Henry Schrage

14.  Andy Yanas

15.  Gambini’s, Nick’s, The Oil Can

16.  A cleanliness inspection.

17.  Central Drugs, Walgreen’s, Dave’s Drug Store, Ingie

A&P Whiting employees accept an award for all employees for outstanding courtesy and customer service in 1958. From left to right are F. Kettles, district superintendent; Donald Utterback, assistant store manager; Clarence Goranowski, head of meat department; Mary White, cashier; Steve Krajnik, produce department; Mike Yaros, store manager; and K. Stitzer, Southside general superintendent of the A&P Company, Chicago.

18.  A&P, National, Kroger, IGA, Weiners

19.  McLaughlin’s, Latiak’s, Gold’s, Bercik’s, Dernay’s and others

20.  Central State Bank

21.  119th Street

22.  New York Avenue

23.  J.J. Newberry and F. W. Woolworth

24.  Whiting Community Center, Gyures, Slovak Dom

25.  Bialon’s

Sherman’s was located in the present location of Beggar’s Pizza on 119th Street in downtown Whiting.

26.  First Baptist Church, First Church of Christ, First Church of Christ Scientist, First Methodist, First Hungarian Reformed, First South Baptist.

27.  Standard Diamonds

28.  McHale’s, Rose & Onnie’s 4 Deuces, Roosevelt Club, Johnny’s, Ed & Paul’s (dozens more)

29.  Schrage

30.  Sherman’s