What Was the Triangle Club, and Who Are These Men?

Maybe you know the answer to this, because we don’t. What was the Triangle Club? If you click on the photo for a larger image, you might be able to see that the logo on their uniforms is for the Triangle Club. Also, we are always looking for ID’s on any of the photos of people that are in the Historical Society’s collection. So, do you recognize anyone in this photo.? Judging from the car parked to the extreme right-center side of this photo, it appears this could be from the 1930s, or 1940s. And where was this taken? There aren’t a lot of hints in the photo for that. If you think you have an answer to these questions, feel free to post it by clicking on “Comments” below.

Whiting High School Class of 1968 50th Anniversary

Congratulations to the WHS Class of 1968!

Where did the time go?  Where did it all begin?

While searching our files at the W/R Historical Society we came across this picture from 1956.  It shows the South Side School Morning Kindergarten from the 1955-56 school year. This was the beginning of the class of 1968.

Does anyone have a picture of the afternoon class?  What about pictures of the kindergarten classes at McGregor?  If you have any of these pictures, please send them to us to put on our website & so classmates can attempt to identify these future Whiting Oilers from the Class of ’68.

A few members of this kindergarten class still live in Whiting & attempted to remember their classmates.  How did they do? Do you agree or disagree with their identifications? Do you recognize any classmates that they didn’t?  Please try to fill in the missing & help us to complete our roster of students.

Please respond by using the ‘comments’ section at the bottom of the page.