The Library, Manual Training, Kindergarten and McGregor

Back to School Bells Are Ringing

Remember when the start of August meant that you had only one more month of summer vacation? The Whiting Public Schools start on August 15 this year.This article will take us back to the beginning of education in the Whiting area.

Oklahoma: Whiting’s Toughest Neighborhood

It had a reputation for drunken brawls, murders and a variety of other crimes and vices. Mostly, that reputation was well deserved.

American trust & savings bank

It was known affectionately as the "Slovak Bank." So it's very important now to trace its roots and its history and what was it that made American Trust & Savings Bank such an important part of Whiting's growth.

Cops Chase Sky Object

In November 1957 the Calumet Region had its own brush with the unknown reaches of outer space. Police officers from both Hammond and Whiting reported seeing a mysterious object in the night sky on Sunday, November 10, 1957.

Mary Bercik

Mary Bercik was the State of Indiana’s first female Mayor. In 1957, after her husband William’s passing, she became in charge of her eight children and the 9,655 citizens that lived in the city.

the horse racing and gambling capital of the midwest

There were three horse racing tracks in the far northern end of Hammond, a boxing arena which hosted championship bouts, and an off-track betting facility that drew thousands. The full story could fill a book. So, let’s just look at how it all came about, and what it looked like at the start of our brief reign as a gambler’s paradise.

St. Michael’s

As Sacred Heart Parish celebrated its 130th anniversary on June 28, it’s interesting to note that its first school, the first Catholic parochial school in Whiting, was not named Sacred Heart.