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Cops chase sky object

In November 1957 the Calumet Region had its own brush with the unknown reaches of outer space. Police officers from both Hammond and Whiting reported seeing a mysterious object in the night sky on Sunday, November 10, 1957.

The Fourth of July Parade

Whiting folk have always loved the 4th of July.  Going way back to the beginning of the 20th century, for many, America was their newly adopted home and this was its big celebration day.

The Blizzard of ‘67

It was Whiting-Robertsdale’s biggest snowfall. It paralyzed the city for days, and left many stranded. But, nobody saw it coming.

Christmas Star - 4.bmp.jpg

Whiting’s Christmas Star

Shining brightly atop Whiting’s biggest “Christmas Tree.”

Whiting Celebrates the End of War

War is Over 2.jpg

The city has a “monster” celebration as World War One comes to an end, and peace returns.

Joseph Hmurovich (2nd row from top, 4th from left) - Czechoslovak Army.jpg

Whiting’s Foreign-Born: Suspected Terrorists, Patriots and Potential Soldiers During World War One

Fighting a War from the Shores of Lake Michigan: Whiting’s Homefront in World War One

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U.S. General William Tecumseh Sherman said it first: “War is hell.” He said it after the brutal and bloody American Civil War. Just over fifty years later, in the late 1910s, Americans were again discovering the truth of that simple statement. And American civilians in Whiting and other communities across the United States, were discovering that if being in combat was hell, being at home while your loved ones and friends were putting their lives on the line was a form of purgatory.

Letters Brought Joy and Sadness to Whiting in World War One


Letters were an incredibly slow way to get news from a loved one who was far away. But 100 years ago, it was all they had.

One Hundred Years Ago: Whiting Starts Paying the Price of War

An ocean, and half a continent, separated Alex Walsko from his home in Whiting. He was flat on the ground in France. Just moments earlier, a German machine gunner aimed his fire at him. One bullet hit his right shoulder. A second bullet ripped through his left forearm. A third bullet lodged in his left hip. And then there were the shrapnel wounds.

OF 1918

Influenza Ad - November 1918 - Lake County Times.bmp.jpg

The world had never experienced anything like it. And, yet, it seemed to sneak up on us. Maybe we were distracted. Our attention at the time was focused on the fighting in World War One. Maybe we shrugged it off when we first heard that the flu was going around.


halloween 1.jpg

Although permanent records are not available, there were Halloween parades in Whiting as far back as the late 1920s.

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Fourth of July
in Whiting

What is a 4th of July in Whiting without a parade? 



Taking place on 119th Street, Pierogi Fest® has been celebrating Eastern European food and culture with a wacky familial twist for almost 25 years.

The Railroad Comes to Whiting

East End - Standard Oil Company - 1909.jpg

1852 was a key year in the history of Whiting, because that’s the year the first railroad tracks were laid on the sandy swampy land that became Whiting.