Opening of Mascot Hall of Fame is a Nose Away

It’s close. The Mascot Hall of Fame is just about to open its doors. Located at the eastern end of 119th Street, at its intersection with Front Street, the new facility is a unique addition to Whiting.

It all begins on Thursday, December 20, Friday the 21st, and Saturday the 22nd. On those dates, the Hall of Fame will hold its first official event from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M.: Media and Teachers Days. It’s a chance for all news, marketing, social media, and PR related industry professionals, as well as school administrators and teachers to get the first look at the new facility. The Hall of Fame executives and staff will be on hand for interviews and to answer questions. Those visiting during Media and Teachers Days will have the chance to experience the interactive exhibits first-hand and gather photos and video of the museum.

Then, it’s the public’s turn. The facility is open to all on Wednesday, December 26. To find out more, go the Mascot Hall of Fame website..